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Manufacturers require performing routine maintenance in order to get the maximum benefit from your system and appliances. We recommend checking your manufacturer requirements which can found in the manuals for each appliance/system. We have more comprehensive home maintenance advice on our . The good old saying which seems to prove itself over and over; “They don’t make them like they used to”


  1. Have your heating system serviced by a licensed and reputable professional to ensure safety use and efficiency.

  2. Make sure to insulate any areas that can result in heat loss such as windows and doors.

  3. Pipes should be insulated.

  4. Clear all debris in the exhaust vents, downspouts, storm drains, and gutters


  1. Install surge protectors on your appliances and electronic equipment.

  2. Change Batteries on all carbon monoxide/smoke detectors, thermostats.

  3. Have your air conditioning serviced and maintained by a licensed professional contractor.

  4. Drain your water heater to empty out all sediment buildup


  1. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for maintenance on your HVAC systems.

  2. Be sure your condenser has proper airflow with no obstruction.

  3. Inspect your roof for any damages.

  4. Clean your dryer and vent from any buildup such as lint.

  5. Make sure your vents and registers are clear to ensure proper airflow.

  6. Keep your window shades/curtains closed to keep out unwanted heat.


  1. Drain all outdoor water lines and spigots and ensure they are shut off.

  2. Have your HVAC system inspected by a licensed professional before the winter season.

  3. Drain your sprinkler system and ensure it is turned off.

  4. Make sure to insulate any areas that can result in heat loss such as windows and doors.

  5. Remove any bird nests from chimney flues.

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