• Howard Gallagher

Why You Need A Spring Tune Up

Temperatures are increasing. This is the time for spring tune up on your HVAC System. It is important to prepare your system for the warm months of the year. Spring is the time for flowers to blossom. Pollen and other allergens can affect your indoor air quality. As a part of seasonal maintenance you should schedule a professional tune up.

Benefits of a Spring Tune Up

The biggest benefit of a spring tune up is lowering the likelihood of a HVAC system breakdown. It also improves the effectiveness of your HVAC system. This lowers your utility costs and makes your system better on the environment. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your unit.

What a Spring Tune Up consists of?

A Spring Tune Up is comprehensive maintenance test done by a HVAC contractor. The text usually lasts for 60-90 minutes. The contractor will diagnose the components of your HVAC system like thermostat and air filter .The air filter will be replaced. This part is key in maintaining indoor air quality. If the air filter is impaired then the HVAC system will waste energy in order to do its job properly. Duct work should be cleaned every 5 to 7 years. If there is any gaps in your ductwork then the HVAC Contractor will seal them. There will also be cleaning around the HVAC system. Any trash or dead leaves around the outside unit will be removed. Other areas are the blower motor,indoor coil, condensate drain,condenser coil, refrigerant,electrical wiring, capacitor and compressor.

HVAC System Guidelines

Here are some HVAC maintenance tips you can do at home. Change your air filter every month. Keep windows and shades closed while the sun is out to reduce solar heat gain.

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