• Howard Gallagher

Where To Find My Appliance’s Model And Serial Number?

Appliance Manufacturers use model and serial numbers to identify appliances and parts.It is extremely important to have your model and serial numbers recorded in event your appliance breaks down. Any contractor that comes to your home would want to know this information to diagnose the issue. This speeds up the time needed to order parts as model and serial numbers are required to order replacement parts. The location of the serial number and model number varies depending on the appliance and the manufacturer.

Appliance Manufacturers

Most of the appliances within your home are manufactured by 8 major companies. The branding and overall look differs with each company. However the internal mechanisms are very similar. The major 8 manufacturers are Whirlpool, Anaheim Mfg, Frigidaire/ Electrolux, General Electric, LG, and Nordyne. There are high end appliance manufacturers like Samsung,Bosch,Subzero, Viking and Wolf. For these types of appliances the serial numbers are located on the left side or the right side.


Washing Machines and Dryer On washer units the rating plate can be behind the washing machine door.The label can be on the front of the door frame.If you have a front loader washer check inside the door jamb. Conversely if you have a top load washer open the lid and look on the top inside. Dryer tags are found in similar places as seen in washing machines.


For dishwashers make sure the label is free of foam to get an accurate reading. Serial numbers are locate inside the door. Other places to look are the base of the door and the sides.


The model & serial numbers are printed on the label that is located on the left side. In some brands this information is in the crisper. Built in microwave

Built in microwave serial labels are normally located behind the door on the door frame. In the past manufacturers put the label inside the unit.


Range serial number labels are most often located inside the storage drawer. Other places to look are the underside of the fuse cover, lower left hand corner of unit door open, and the outside bottom of cabinet .

What if your appliance has no model and serial tag ?

All appliances are manufactured to have a model and serial tag. They don’t get sent to stores without a serial tag. There are some cases where a unit is old and the tag has faded. If you can’t find the model and serial number then you have to call the manufacturer or the retailer you purchased the unit from.