• Howard Gallagher

What To Look For In Home Warranty Coverage

You want to protect your budget and your home against unseen expensive appliance and system repairs. A home warranty is the perfect gift for a new home owner. It is a service agreement that covers appliances and home systems. Most homeowners get a lot of value in owning a home warranty policy.It gives the ultimate peace of mind when purchasing a new home. The same amount of research that is used to find the right home must be used to find the right home warranty plan.

What’s Covered

Home warranty plans can be customized to fit the needs of your family. They are perfect for home sellers, home buyers , retirees and property managers. If you have appliances that are near the end of their life expectancy then it is a good idea to think about home warranty coverage. Most plans cover Home Appliances , Home Systems or both in a comprehensive plan. Other coverage areas include roof leak coverage, septic tank and much more.

Repair or Replacement of Covered Items

All home warranty agreements have things that are covered and things that aren’t covered. Typically smaller appliances aren’t covered by home warranty plans. Home warranty coverage is for the larger appliances that are harder to replace. Anything that has to do with the structural integrity of your home falls within the realm of home insurance. A good home warranty will cover appliances and systems regardless of age or make/model. The benefits of a home warranty include stress free repair or replacement of home systems and appliances when they break down. Global Home Protection has a nationwide network of licensed and bonded contractors who are available for same day service.

24/7 Claims Department

If you have an issue at 10pm Thursday night you don’t want to wait until the following day to place a claim. At Global Home Protection we have a 24 hour claims department. You can request a claim either online or by phone.

What Do Current Customers Say?

You can readily search home warranty companies online. Look out for reviews on Best Company, Retirement Living, Google , Top 10 ,and much more. The overall rating is important however the volume of reviews from happy customers is also important.

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