• Howard Gallagher

Valentine's Day Home Improvement Ideas

Updated: Feb 20

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year.It is the time of year when couples think of what gift to get their significant other.Flowers, outings,chocolates and cards are the norm. However being creative or inventive for this occasion can bring people together. We at Global Home Protection have a few ideas that will improve your home and make your Valentine’s Day special.


It may be cold this time of year but outdoor ambiance is important to setting the stage of a romantic dinner. New patio lights or efficient led lamps will improve your backyard. Your indoor lighting may also need an upgrade. Dimmer switches and new energy efficient bulbs can spruce up your lights.

2. Plant some trees

A rose bush provides roses every spring. A thriving bush can be a symbol for your union for years to come. If your partner has a green thumb then it may be better to plant a tree. Popular Trees are Walnut,Red Oak, American Holly,Eastern Rosebud, Cherry and Cypress.

3. Updated kitchenware

A new set of dishes, stemware or utensils might not sound romantic at first. However new kitchenware goes together with the ambiance of a romantic meal. Kitchenware such as cocottes,tartdish,ravioli stamps, and a wafflemaker are all new tools to improve your kitchen.

4. Clean air

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the concentration of some pollutants is often two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. There are tons of pollutants in the air such as tobacco smoke,dust mites,mold,and pet dander. This can lead to eye irritation and chronic damage to the liver,kidney and nervous system . The best air purifiers filter the air in a single room. There is several types of air purifiers. Mechanical filters, Activated Carbon Filters,Ozone Generators, UV Lamps and Electronic air purifiers.Things to consider when you buy an air purifier. Room size and noise level. You want a unit that operates at an optimal setting with minimal noise. Most of the models that are suitable for 350 sq ft and up rooms and works at lower speeds.

5.A fireplace

A fireplace has a very rustic vibe. You can invest into a chimney sweep or an outdoor fire ring. With the proper fire safety you can enjoy a warm fire with your loved one.

6. Bathroom Upgrades

Upgrading your shower has a lot of benefits. You can add a programmable thermostat , add a new showerhead to increase water flow and add a shelf and waterproof Ipad case to play music in the shower. Also you can replace your current toilet with a hidden tank toilet which not only save space but saves water as well.


The bedroom is an important room in your home. Upgrading the room is a great investment anytime of the year. It can be as simple as buying new bedding or replacing the head board.

8. Any Project

Between work and family life it is common for couples to have some home improvement projects that have been overlooked. Think about a necessary project that your home needs and work on it.

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