• Howard Gallagher

How To Unclog A Drain

Updated: Feb 20

A clogged drain can lead to an expensive plumbing bill. However a clogged drain can be fixed without a technician. Here are a few ways to unclog a drain .

1. Boiling Water

It is a simple but effective solution. Most household drain clogs come from food, hair or household products. Boil a pot of water. Make sure you remove a significant amount of standing water . Once you removed enough standing water then pour the hot water. Wait until it cools down to repeat the process.

2. Use a Plunger

The main tool for removing clogs is a plunger. Place the plunger over the drain. It may take a few tries before the water begins to drain.

3. Drain Cleaner

There are a lot of drain cleaners on the market. They can be effective but can over time damage your pipe. Drain cleaners erode the p-trap of the pipe. If you notice corrosion and leaks then seek a technician. For a simple clog let the drain cleaner soak down the drain for 30 minutes followed by a hot water rinse.

4. Homemade Drain Cleaners

They are better for your pipes than store bought drain cleaners. Baking soda and vinegar creates a dynamic chemical reaction. First pour baking soda then pour vinegar down the drain. Let it run for at least 12 hours then flush with a hot water rinse. Another homemade drain cleaner is salt and white vinegar. Mix 1 part salt and 1 part white vinegar. Pour down the drain and wait 20 minutes.

5. Drain snake

A Drain snake is a long, flexible metal cable with a small auger or uncoiled spring on one end and a handle on the other. Put a bucket under the P-Trap. Insert the drain snake in the drain. If you notice a crank then pull the snake out to remove the clog. If you don’t have a drain snake then use a bent wire hanger.

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