• Howard Gallagher

Ultimate Moving Day Checklist

Everything is complete. Closing has been processed. All that is left is physically moving into your home. There is some uncertainty when moving into a new home. Perhaps it is adapting to a new city or possible home issues down the line . Here is a checklist perfect for new homeowners who recently moved into a new property. Start early

No matter what time your move is, you’ll need to wake up early on moving day. There is a lot to do with very little time. You don’t want to be rushing to complete everything and lose sight of the finer details. This means throwing away anything that could spoil overnight.

Take a final tour of your home

Before the movers arrive, go through your home one more time. Make sure that you visit every room, checking the cabinets, closets and storage spaces. Your movers should arrive. This is when you should highlight the fragile items in your boxes. Clearly label all your boxes. Make sure everything is packed up and loaded in the moving van. Clean the property after you packed up everything and lock the door.

Unpack only the essentials

Once at your new home, unpack the essentials you will need that evening of the next day. This is your essentials like your personal hygiene items and an outfit for the next day. Unpack the bare essentials and relax as you slowly fill up your new home.