• Howard Gallagher

The True Value Of A Home Warranty Plan

Updated: 6 days ago

You recently moved into a home and you notice there is an issue with your refrigeration. If you purchase a home warranty plan before moving then you have nothing to worry about. You would simply call your home warranty company and have a technician to come and fix the issue. However if you have no home warranty coverage then you will be stuck with a large repair bill. Here are 3 scenarios where homeowners can truly benefit from home warranty plans.

What is a home warranty plan?

A home warranty is a service agreement that covers you in case your appliances or home systems break down. This is different than home insurance which protects your home’s structure against natural disasters. Plumbing System, HVAC System , Electrical System, appliances and much more covered in a home warranty.You can think of home warranties when you think of anything in your home that will naturally breakdown over time due to daily wear and tear. Premiums can be as low as $1 per day and help you save thousands in home repair.

Situations Homeowners Can Benefit From A Home Warranty Plan

I am unsure of the age of my appliances

You may have moved in an older home. The previous owners may or may not have done the prior maintenance. You want home warranty coverage as your units approach the end of their life expectancies.

Buying Or Selling a Home

A home warranty usually comes with a real estate transaction. Home warranty can purchased before or after closing. Sellers who have home warranty coverage have the added benefit of selling their homes for up to $2,500 dollars more than the market price. No matter how well you maintain your home there’s always a perceived potential risk in the minds of your buyers. Making sure that you address those concerns as early on in the transaction as possible can free you up from the lengthy time it takes for your home to finally be bought off of the market.

I just moved to a new city and don’t know the technicians in my area

You may not know any trustworthy skilled contractors in your area. You don’t want to risk hiring a unprofessional contractor who is overpriced and does incomplete work. At Global Home Protection we have a nationwide network of contractors that are available for same day service.We have a 24/7 claims department and parts suppliers in the Carolinas.

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