• Howard Gallagher

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring is finally here. Home Maintenance ensures everything in your home is working perfectly. This is the best time to clean and maintain your home.Here is a list of spring home maintenance tasks.

Roof Maintenance Winter can be a hard season on your roof. Look out for cracked or loose shingles. To prevent any pests check the roof for any holes . Also check the condition of the chimney and make sure that the gutters are clear.

Check Windows and Yard Check the caulking and weather stripping around all of your windows. Any type of holes will expose your home to the elements and pests. Clean your windows with a mild window cleaner. If you notice your screens with a layer of dirt then wipe the screens down with a mild detergent and allow it to dry.Outside your home check for any sunken areas and near the foundation. Remove any leaves, branches, and other debris. Be on the lookout for crooked doors or windows, cracked drywall, water in your basement or crawlspace, and sloping floors or staircases.

Plumbing Maintenance

Check for leaks in your pipes and faucets. Make sure the connections are secure under your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Clean Appliances

Clean out your refrigerator and replace the water line filter if you have one. Run a clean cycle on your washer. Clean out all the lint in your dryer vent. Also check around the dishwasher, washing machine, and hot water heater for rust or leaks.