• Howard Gallagher

Should Property Managers Invest In Home Warranties For Their Properties?

Your property can be one of your biggest assets. Everything in the property should be working up to date to retain value. Home systems and appliances must be in perfect working order for both the property manager and tenant to get the most out of the property.Replacing or repairing a system or appliance can take up a lot of time , money and energy. A home warranty plan allows you to save money and time on future repairs and replacements.

What Is Covered Under A Home Warranty?

We have 3 plans that can be customized to fit your property’s needs. The Major Appliance Plan, Major System Plan and Diamond Plan. Plumbing System, Appliances, Air-Conditioning System , Electrical System are some of the items covered.

Benefits of A Home Warranty

* Budget Protection: Home warranty plans can be very affordable . They are easy to work into a budget and protects the policy bearers from expensive repairs and replacements.

*Value: A home warranty is a great addition to any home. Homes with a home warranty plan sell faster than homes without a home warranty plan.

* Convenience: Especially for managers of several properties. At Global Home Protection we have an extensive network of licensed technicians. We save you the task of locating a technician.