• Howard Gallagher

Should I Extend My Home Warranty Plan?

A home warranty or a homeowner’s warranty is a service agreement that offers coverage for the main areas of your home such as home systems and home appliances. In terms of the best coverage,consistency is important. You don’t want to just have coverage on your HVAC unit for 4 years. On the 5th year you decide not to extend your policy and an unseen breakdown happens. You will be stuck with the stress of dealing with expensive repairs. As a Home warranty provider, Global Home Protection is here to help you and your family. Here are a few reasons why you should consider extending your home warranty coverage.

Why Extend Your Home Warranty

A lot of time and money is invested into homes. An extended home warranty plan ensures your appliances and home systems are covered for the near future. If you have appliances that are near the end of their life expectancy then it is a good idea to think about extending your home warranty coverage. Home warranties give you access to a wide networks of licensed and bonded contractors.

Who Benefits From A Home Warranty

Realtors can ensure their buyers are satisfied longer with an extended home warranty. There can be several unseen breakdowns during the first few years of homeownership. A home warranty plan gives the peace of mind in event any covered item breaks down.

When you get a home warranty service agreement as a seller you give your buyers the additional confidence they need when closing a home. Sellers who have home warranty coverage have the added benefit of selling their homes for up to $2,500 dollars more than the market price. Not only can you receive more in your asking price but as a seller, the home you place on the market can sell up to 16% faster than other homes. It is a beneficial situation for both buyer and seller.Landlords and Property managers benefit greatly from a home warranty. Managing appliance and system breakdowns is typically the work of the landlord. A home warranty plan saves time, money and energy for those who manage properties. At Global Home Protection we coordinate and dispatch licensed contractors the same day. Imagine providing your tenants with that level of service. Plus the annual premium and deductible fees are tax deductible for property managers.

Things To Consider When Renewing A Home Warranty

Ultimately the deciding factor on whether or not to extend your home warranty coverage depends on you. Every home has different needs. Even if you have a recently built home, there are many things you can’t control. You want to be protected in case of a major system or appliance breakdown. Extending your home warranty coverage by a year or 2 years can give you the peace of mind that your family needs. Initially you may use it only once or year. Keep in mind as every appliance and system in your home gets older. They also become more prone to breakdowns . As you consider changing your home warranty before it becomes time to renew. Think about anything else in your home that needs to be covered like your septic system or your lawn sprinkler. Always go over the terms and conditions laid out in your home warranty policy and make sure they are the right fit for you. The flexibility in our service agreements can have an impact on your overall budget by covering the bulk of your repairs and replacement costs. If you’re ready for Global Home Protection to help you with better and safer living, then fill out a quote and call us today. We provide all existing and new customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee and our 24/7 claims department.

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