• Howard Gallagher

Roof Maintenance Tips

Every home has a roof. It is an important part of your home.It protects your home from extreme weather. Homeowners pay anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 for a new roof . Similar in cost to replacing your foundation or purchasing a new HVAC system. With good maintenance your roof can last 30 to 40 years. Here are a few tips to maintain your roof and gutter.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters can build up with dead leaves and standing rainwater. Every spring homeowners should clean their gutters. This will prevent water damage in your home.

Remove Vegetation

Leaves, moss and overgrown branches can be found on your roof. These items can damage your roof. Leaves can easily be removed with a rake. Tree limbs can bring squirrels and raccoons to your roof and in turn your home. If you find pests on your roof then contact your local pest control professional.Moss absorbs moisture. This moisture can seep into your home. Remove moss through pesticide or zinc strips.

Prevent Ice Dams During winter/early spring snow and ice can build up on your roof. Too much snow can make your roof collapse. A snow rake can remove build up from your roof. Proper attic insulation can prevent excess snow from building up on your roof. A quick fix is applying heat strips to your roof to melt the snow.Ice dams can cause damage to your roof Trying to remove a ice dam will cause more damage. Prevention is the best solution. Properly winterize your roof before the season starts.

Get a Professional There are professionals for your roof. An annual roof inspection is necessary to check for any signs of physical damage. The roof inspector will look for drip edge, missing fasteners, broken gutters and check for shingle damage. You can find a local roof inspector on Home Advisor.

Roof Guidelines

After any storm check your roof to remove any debris and check for damage. Make sure your roof is ventilated. Avoid power washing as it can damage your roof. Repair any holes quickly