• Howard Gallagher

Refrigerant Guide

Updated: Apr 2

Temperatures are slowly increasing. It is never too early to start thinking on summer cooling. Refrigerants are substances in HVAC systems to keep your home cool. R-22 aka Freon has been the refrigerant of choice for decades. As of January 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency has phased out the use of R-22. This is to improve air pollution. Freon is now illegal to produce. It has been replaced with R-410A (aka Puron). Here are the differences between Freon and Puron and what you should know as a homeowner.

What is R-22?

Freon is the trade name for gases that absorb warm air from the surroundings. Freon is a tasteless, mostly odorless gas. If inhaled it can cause major respiratory problems.As the gas flow through the coils then a cooling effect occurs. The most efficient refrigerants are those that take less pressure to compress the warm air into liquid and that have the highest heat absorption rate when returning to a gaseous state.

Why has R-22 been phased out?

In the past 50 years scientists have found a correlation between refrigerants and damage to the ozone layer. Thus, under the Clean Air Act of 1990, R-22 must be phased out and replaced with R-410A or other EPA approved refrigerants by December 31, 2029.As of 2010, the EPA prohibits the manufacture and installation of any new R-22 appliances. If you have a unit that uses R-22 it was most likely manufactured before 2009 . As of March 2020 no manufacturer produces new R-22 refrigerant. Reclaimed or purified R-22 is available for use. R-410A or Puron is a less harmful refrigerant than R-22 and is EPA-approved for use in residential ACs. The price of R-410A refrigerant is around $6 per pound, not including the cost of labor to recharge the system.

Home warranties and HVAC coverage

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