• Howard Gallagher

Preventative Maintenance for Garbage Disposals

Updated: Apr 2

Garbage Disposals help reduce household waste. Like Refrigerators they make life for homemakers easier. Garbage Disposals are small devices that can cause big problems. Leaks, problems with the dishwasher, jams and strong odors to name a few. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your garbage disposal. Here is some tips to maintain your garbage disposal. Maintenance Tips Use cold water during every use. A nasty smell come from your disposal is a problem that can be fixed with household products. Your Disposal should be cleaned every month. Baking soda and vinegar or dish soap and hot water are both effective cleaning tools. You don’t need to use cleaning chemicals as they can damage your plumbing system. Small amount of ice should be put into the unit. A degreaser can keep the unit clean. Citrus fruits like lemons and limes inhibit bacteria growth and removes foul odors. Snake the drain once every 2 years. Garbage Disposal Guidelines A Garbage Disposal should be cleaned regularly. Only put food items that can compost. Cut large objects to prevent any clogs. Don’t put any grease,oil,inorganic or combustible materials into your garbage disposal. Avoid hot water while the unit is in use. Certain plant matter like potato skins, banana peels,corn husks, celery stalks and artichokes can damage the motor. Are Garbage Disposals Covered in Home Warranty Coverage? Yes Garbage Disposals are covered under Global Home Protection 's Home Warranty Plan. We have a 24 hour claims department and a nationwide network of appliance technicians. Whether it is an Insinkerator or a Badger unit our technicians can quickly diagnose and fix your problem. Save money with the Major Appliance Plan. Call 877-660-1621 to receive a free quote !