• Howard Gallagher

Pool Maintenance Tips

Pools help keep your family cool when it is blistering hot outside. Like many areas in your home, your pool requires proper maintenance. This involves testing the chlorine level of your pool, surface skimming and maintaining the filter. Some of these tips should be done on a weekly to monthly basis.

Remove Debris From The Pool

Skimming your pool is an easy task. Take a few moments to remove leaves, insects and other debris from your pool. All you have to do is add a leaf rake to the pool pool and skim across the surface.Pool cleaning is tough after storms, but if you have the right process and equipment then you can clean like a pro. A pool vacuum makes pool cleaning more efficient.


Clean your pool filter to make sure your pool is clean. Cleaning your pool filter involves shutting your pool equipment off and emptying the filter basket. You should check the filter pressure gauge every few days. Your pool filters need to be cleaned every 2-6 weeks.

Maintain PH level

Ensuring proper pH levels will keep you and your family safe when swimming. When your pool’s pH level isn't balanced, your water may look cloudy, your eyes and skin become irritated, and bacteria can breed more easily. A lower pH means your water is more acidic while your water is more basic with a higher pH level.Chemical treatments should be consistently added . This is to control the chlorine level and halt algae growth. The easiest method for testing your pool water is testing strips.Take your water sample and quickly dip one strip into the water. Hold it still in the air for about 15 seconds. You should then match up the colors of the strip to the back of the bottle to get your readings.

Long term Maintenance

The pool itself can last for a long time. Once every 10 years you should re plaster your pool. There is a structural and aesthetic purpose to re-plastering your pool. Your pool plaster is a waterproof seal between the pool water and the frame of pool. Rough surfaces are tell tale sign that your pool needs re-plastering.