• Howard Gallagher

Perimeter Drain System Guide

A perimeter drain is a plastic or PVC perforated pipe, which is installed underground, around the perimeter of your house. The purpose of this pipe is to drain water away from the foundation of the home. There is a mesh that covers the pipe to prevent soil from touching the pipe. This is vital to keeping moisture away from your basement or your crawlspace. All houses have drainage systems and they’re located outside of the home. Rain, melting snow and rising groundwater over time can damage the soils that surround your home’s foundation. Here are common issues that can happen to Perimeter Drain Systems.

Over time, perimeter drains erode from dirt, roots, or other debris and will then be unable to carry water away from your house. When the perimeter drain is clogged, water may seep into your concrete basement wall. Once this happens it is important to replace the damaged sections. A tell tale sign is water stains on your basement walls . Flooding can happen over time. Another sign is puddling near your home’s foundation. This may be your yard is not properly sloped away from your home, or that your gutters are not directing water from the roof far enough away.Some older homes were constructed with the perimeter drainage connected directly to the sewer system. Older homes were not built with the capacity to handle a large volume of runoff and experience sewer backups. If you are noticing issues have an inspection done on your basement walls. Contractors that specialize in perimeter drains use a camera to inspect the perimeter drain.