• Howard Gallagher

How Washing Machine Drain Pans Can Extend The Longevity Of Your Washer

One of the major disasters that can happen to a homeowner is your washer overflowing with water. The water itself can do more harm to your home than a faulty washer. Water damage over time can weaken the structural integrity of your home and cause mold/mildew. Your home should be protected against water damage. A washing machine drain pan is extremely important in stopping water damage in its tracks.

What Is A Washing Machine Drain Pan

A Washing Machine Drain Pan is an affordable way to prevent water damage from a leaking washing machine. It is placed right under the unit to prevent overflow or spillage. A drain pan can be purchased at a local plumbing store and requires a dolly to place under the unit. You would need a professional plumber to install a new drain pan. This is because it is an intensive process involving lifting the washer,cutting the drain pipe and connecting the drain pipe to the drain pan. When your washing machine is in use , condensation can build up on the floor and leave a nasty mark. The drain pan is connected to a drain pipe to remove water in event the drain pan overflows.

Washing Machines without A Washing Machine Drain Pan are at risk for complete hose failure, condensation and spillage.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Every time you run a load of laundry, you should check to ensure that no water leaks out. You shouldn't leave clothes in the washer too long or remove clothes too early.The Drain Pan needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. A wet vac or dry vac with a strong household cleaner can get the job done. Other maintenance tasks include replace hoses , level the washing machine, clean lint filter and prevent mildew growth.

Washing Machine Coverage

Your washer and dryer are important areas of your home. At Global Home Protection we offer comprehensive coverage for appliances including washing machines . Plans start as low as $1 a day. Call 877-660-1621 to sign up and receive a free bonus.