• Howard Gallagher

How To Request Service                                                                           

As the seasons change, wear and tear can break down your home systems and appliances. They will eventually break down. However with a Global Home Protection home warranty plan you are covered for repair or replacement of covered items. Here is a brief overview of what to do when you need service.

Contact The Claims Line

Our 24/7 claims department is available by phone 877-660-1621. Tell the claims representative everything you know about the issue. Once the claims representative has received your request. The request is then sent to one of our contractors in our network. We currently have a nationwide network of over 15,000 contractors.


A contractor is assigned to your claim the same day or the following day. Once the service request has been assigned you will receive the contractor’s name and phone number. The contractor will call you to schedule an appointment.

Service Call Fee

All you have to pay is the service call fee once the contractor arrives. The contractor will diagnose the issue and call our claims department regarding authorization. The claims department gives the contractor authorization and the part is on the truck then the job can be completed swiftly. We have a part supplier that is conveniently located in the Carolinas. They ship anywhere in the country within a few days.In cases the unit can’t be repaired. We can replace the covered item with a similar model.

Things to keep in mind

We are here 24/7. To make sure you can give you the best service . Please provide your accurate information so status updates can be sent in a timely manner.