• Howard Gallagher

How To Order A Home Warranty After Closing

Updated: Jun 5

A home is just a house without the right amount of care. We at Global Home Protection are here for you and your family. Our home warranty plans can be customized to fit the needs of your home. Once a home is sold , either the buyer ,seller or title company is involved in establishing a home warranty policy. The process of closing can be stressful but having a home warranty policy can protect your asset. Here are things to consider when purchasing home warranty after closing.

When can I order a home warranty ?

The best answer is when it best fits your needs.This may be as soon as possible or later on. If your property is closing soon it is a good idea to research a home warranty plan in your area. Also keep in mind the items in your home that you want covered. You can lock in a low premium rate typically if you purchase before closing. You want your home protected against sudden repairs. The steps of ordering a home warranty plan are simple. Contact a home warranty whether through online or by phone to get a free quote. The company you speak to will just need some of your information like what you want covered or your postal code. Be sure to read about the coverage and ask questions to get the knowledge necessary to purchase the best home warranty for your needs. Once you learn the rate , work through payment options and receive your policy. You will have coverage for the items you selected under your agreement. Any system or appliance issue you have just file a claim and licensed and bonded technician will repair or replace your unit. This is all for a small service call fee.

Purchasing A Home Warranty After Closing

The most popular time to acquire a new home warranty plan is during the sale of a new home. A title company tends to bundle a home warranty with their title services. The cost of the home warranty is included as a part of closing costs. Home warranty plans can be transferred from previous owner to new owner. A home warranty plan can benefit the buyer and seller.A home warranty plan in place covers appliances and systems in case of a breakdown. This is a great complement to your home insurance which covers fires and structural damage. You will have access to a nationwide network of licensed and bonded technicians who will fix your issue same day.

What is the waiting period for home warranty plans?

Typically there is a 30 day waiting period. This is standard for the home warranty industry. This gives you time to learn the benefits of a home warranty. If there is prior home warranty coverage then the 30 day waiting period can be waived.

Protect Your Home Appliances and Systems

A home warranty plan can be ordered at anytime. Even if you only lived in the home for a few days. The coverage benefits will remain the same. You should consider the age of your home and what is outlined in the appraisal report. A home warranty plan saves you money . No homeowner should have to deal with expensive home repairs. You want peace of mind as you move into your new home. If your house is new or installed brand new major appliances and systems, they could still be under the manufacturer’s warranties.These warranties last 1 year after purchase date. A home warranty plan can cover you for more than 1 year or even 10 years. Make sure you make the most of your coverage.