• Howard Gallagher

How To Fix A Blown Fuse

Updated: Jul 23

Blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker is quite a common issue. Especially if you like to multitask while cooking. For example cooking while watching a video on your tv in the background. This can cause an electrical fire in your home. Here is a few tips regarding repairing a blown fuse in your home.

What Causes Fuses To Breakdown?

There is a myriad of reasons why your fuse may start to blow. Electrical wiring problems can cause serious hazards like a fire break out or an electrocution. If your home is 50+ years, it’s advisable to upgrade your wiring to suit modern day electrical needs. An overloaded circuit is the most common reason for circuit breaker tripping. This typically happens when multiple devices are using one electrical outlet. The circuit remains dead until the breaker lever is reset to the ON position, A more serious cause is when a hot wire touches the grounding pathway. This is known as a short circuit. Ground faults are a type of short circuits can be especially dangerous when they occur in areas exposed to water. This exposes your family to electrical shock.

Steps To Fix A Blown Fuse

If you notice your circuit breaker tripping or fuse issues then unplug all electrical devices in the area that lost power. First step is to locate the electrical panel. This is typically located in the utility room . It is a small metal box. Refer to your home inspection if you have any issues locating the electrical panel. Safety is at the utmost importance. Never touch electrical equipment bare handed or in the vicinity of anything wet. If you have any experience with resetting the circuit breaker go forward. However if you lack experience then seek professional help. A electrician can reset the circuit breaker, change the fuse and test the fuse.

Electrical System Coverage

Your electrical system makes modern conveniences possible. Just like any other area in your home this system can breakdown over time. Your fuse is not the only thing in your home that can be affected by an overload. Whenever there is an overload in your electrical system your appliances are negatively affected. A telltale sign is your units may experience overheating. This compounds electrical system damage with appliance damage. Give your family the peace of mind they deserve with a Global Home Protection Home Warranty. Whether you need a unit repair or replacement all you need to pay is a small service call fee.We at Global Home Protection have a 24/7 claims department and a nationwide network of over 40,000 technicians. Global Home Protection has rated with Google and has a 4.8 rating and has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau for our great customer service. Global Home Protection’s ratings are mainly based on great customer service & fast time response. Sign up Today to receive $150 plus 1 month free. Call 877-660-1621 to receive a free quote.