• Howard Gallagher

How Much Would It Cost To Repair My Home With Or Without A Home Warranty

Homes aren’t just shelters. They are assets that can build equity over time . A portion of that equity is built through maintenance and home repairs. Every thing in your home can break down over time. As a homeowner you want to protect your biggest asset . Unseen breakdowns can happen and repair or replacement costs can be expensive. You want coverage to protect you in event that one of your appliances or systems break down. A home warranty plan may cost a few hundred dollars but saves you thousands in home repair costs . If the failure of the system or appliance is covered in the home warranty plan then all that the policy owner has to pay is their deductible or service call fee. This is an overview of what you can save with a Global Home Protection Home Warranty Plan.

Plumbing System

Your Plumbing System serves an important purpose. This importance comes with a big price tag in regards to repairs and replacements without a home warranty plan. The common areas that need to be repaired are the toilet, pipes and Water Heater. Toilets don’t require much maintenance to last a long time. It is when an object gets stuck in the drain that issues start to occur. Repairing a toilet can set you back $150-$400 without a home warranty. Pipes can be tricky. It can be a small pipe leak to a massive basement flooding. Any type of pipe leak you got to consider the cost to repair the pipe and the cost to replace any water damaged material. The starting cost can be $200-$400 to replace a leak pipe. A basement flooding job may cost you a few thousand dollars to repair the pipe and replace the drywall. Water Heaters make sure water comes out at the right temperature. Conventional water heaters have a lower life expectancy than Tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters on average last 20 years. Without a home warranty you may pay $300-$400 to repair a water heater and over $1500 to replace the unit.

Electrical System

Almost all electrical repairs and replacements should be completed by a licensed and bonded electrician . Electricity travels in closed loops called “circuits.” It must have a complete path before the electrons can move. If a circuit is open, electrons can’t flow.

Common issues are loose connections, worn-out or obsolete materials and burnt odors. Electrical System repairs or replacements can be expensive depending on the work that needs to be done. New wiring can cost anywhere from. $500 to $2000. According to Angie’s List, the cost to repair or replace an entire electrical panel could cost between $500 and $1,300.Keep in mind with a home warranty plan all you pay is a service call fee for any repair or replacements.

HVAC System

It is HVAC Season. Repairs and Replacement of HVAC Systems can be costly without a home warranty. Common HVAC Issues are compressor issues, low Freon levels, Air handler replacement, Fan motor and blower replacement. Most HVAC repairs range from $200 to $560 without a home warranty. Full HVAC System Replacement is costly due to part and installation costs. The average cost to install a brand new central air conditioning unit is $5000 without a home warranty.


Appliances make life easier. Your washer and dryer set is suppose to clean load after load of clothes . Leaks, Motor not running, Dryer not heating, Water not draining and Not starting at all are common problems. Average cost of Washer and Dryer repair/ replacement ranges from from $500 to $972. Ovens/Ranges are essential appliances in the house. Regular cleaning is important to prevent malfunctions. Average cost of repair/ replacement ranges from from $592 to $1381.Refrigerators keep food fresh is vital for ensuring the health of your family. Average costs for repair/replacement range from $582- $1,348.Dishwashers save you time , money and energy from hand washing dishes or buying disposable dishes. Average cost of repair/ replacement ranges from $300-$500.Built in microwaves are often combined with convection ovens. Average cost of repair/replacement ranges from $200-$600.Appliance Replacement varies on the time of the year or brand that is purchased. Historically Major Summer Holidays and the 4th quarter of the year are when appliances are at their lowest.

Additional Addons

Here at Global Home Protection we offer Additional Coverage for several areas in your home. Pool/Spa, Well Pump, Sump Pump, Septic System, Water Softener , Central Vacuum, Stand Alone Freezer, Refrigerator Ice Maker and Roof Leak Coverage. The most popular addons homeowners choose are Pool/Spa , Roof Leak Coverage and Septic Tank. You notice a leak in your roof. Without A Home Warranty Plan to repair your roof may cost anywhere from $353 to $1414. With A Home Warranty Plan you would just have to pay a service call fee as low as $45.

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