• Howard Gallagher

How Does A Home Warranty Give Customers Peace of Mind?

Updated: Jun 19

The home warranty industry often encourages new homeowners to purchase a home warranty plan to protect their investment. Even better protect their families and homes from any future breakdowns on your home appliances and home systems (Air conditioning System, Heating System, Electrical System, & Plumbing System). Rest assured that your home appliances and systems are fully covered in event of a breakdown for repair or replacement.

Global Home Protection is responsible for the repair or replacement of a wide range of home systems and appliances. Our nationwide network of service contractors, appliance specialists, and general contractors is here to help when you have an issue.

It’s a great feeling – knowing you have someone to call when something breaks down in your home.

How Does A Home Warranty Save You Money?

Home Appliance and Home Systems can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Distilled to its essence, this is where the value of a home warranty plan can be realized. Air conditioning system can cost between $1,000 to $5,500 to replace. Plumbing System usually $525 – $2,275 to replace. Clothes Washer is around $450 - $1,245 to replace.However with a home warranty plan from Global Home Protection you can pay as low as $45 to repair or replace your home appliance or home systems.

Any way you look at it, paying as low as $45 for a repair or replacement on your home appliance and home systems is way more affordable than having to pay the full price for any repairs or replacements.Our home warranty plans are made to save you money and time. Your life is already busy with work and family life. With a Home Warranty plan you just have to make one call oppose to calling multiple contractors for your repair.Labor and Parts costs are on us. You are just responsible for your deductible.

Do I Really Need Home Warranty Coverage?

A home warranty plan protects families from any future breakdown in exchange for a service fee as low as $45. You can rely on Global Home Protection to send out a licensed contractor to your home the SAME DAY to repair or replace the issue your family is experiencing.

Global Home Protection offers a sense of relief for families who invest thousands of dollars in home appliances and home system repairs. Our motto is “Don’t Worry. You’re covered.”

If you recently purchased an older home, you may not know the ages or upkeep of the appliances of the home. A home warranty plan serves as great protection against sudden breakdowns.

Homes with a home warranty plan sell faster than homes without home warranty plans. They are a great way to improve value in properties and increase listing prices. This is a great deal for both the home buyers and home sellers

Global Home Protection will have a list of pre-screened and licensed contractors to choose from who are within a 5-mile radius to come out to your home and repair or replace the issue, you are experiencing.

Plans that can be customized to fit any budget. Global Home Protection is offering a free bonus to those who sign up today. Call 877-660-1621 to receive your free gift.