• Howard Gallagher

Home warranty vs Home insurance

Congrats you have recently purchased a new home. You have an asset that needs protection over the coming years. A lot of things can happen that will impact your home. Hurricanes, System Breakdowns, Robberies, Flooding and much more. You want the peace of mind that something happens you are covered.Here are the key differences between home warranties and home insurance.

What are the Benefits of Home Warranty

Home warranties and home insurance were created to help homeowners. They both cover different areas. Home warranties typically cover your home’s plumbing system , hvac system ,electrical system, dishwasher,stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer and more. To request service call claims department or email the claims department . A licensed and bonded contractor will be sent to your property. Once the contractor is at your home all you pay is the service call fee. In event the covered item can’t be repaired then the unit is replaced with a similar model.

What are the Benefits of Home Insurance

Home Insurance is designed to cover the structure of your home. Problems caused by fire, extreme weather, and accidents. Say your home is damaged in a flood. Home insurance would come in to pay to repair your home. Like home warranties you will have to pay a deductible. Often times the higher the premium the lower the deductible. It may cover personal belongings. However appliances and home systems aren’t covered.

Why You Need Both a Home Warranty and Homeowners Insurance

Both home warranties and homeowners insurance protect your home and save you money. Typically if you have a mortgage then a home insurance is required. This gives great protection against natural disasters. A home warranty focuses on your home’s appliances and systems. These covered items can break down over time.Investing in both a home warranty and home insurance can keep your home protected.

Find the Best Home Warranty Coverage

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