• Howard Gallagher

Home Warranty vs Builder Warranty

Many walks of life need home warranty plans for their homes. They are home buyers, home sellers, Realtors , Landlords and much more. Quite often the term home service contract is lumped in the same category with a home warranty. Though they may seem similar but a home warranty is not a builder warranty. Here are a few ways a home warranty plan and a builder warranty are different.

Home Warranty Plans

A home warranty is a service agreement that protects homeowners against expensive repair costs. This covers many items that aren’t covered in home insurance. Appliances such as dishwashers,refrigerators,ovens,built in microwaves , washers, dryers and garbage disposals. Home Systems like HVAC, Electrical , Plumbing, Water Heater and Plumbing Stoppage. Additional add-ons may include Pool/Spa, Well Pump , Sump Pump , Septic System, Water Softener, Central Vacuum, Standalone Freezer and much more. Many homeowners use to protect older or newly built properties. Homes with a home warranty coverage are more likely to sell than homes without coverage.

Builder’s Warranty

All states have varying laws for home builders that require them to offer new homeowners warranty on the construction of the house. A lot can happen within the first year of owning a home. With new construction, a builder warranty plan is a standard perk. It covers covering the doors, flooring, windows, in addition to the things like cabinetry, countertops, shower stalls, sinks, tubs, etc within your new home. However things like appliances and weather issues aren’t covered . An average builder’s warranties will last between six months and two years. After that you would have switch to a conventional home warranty plan.

The True Value of Home Warranties

You may notice appliance warranty costs are increasing. This is due to global demand for appliances and current housing market. We know that it is a huge financial strain to keep your expenses within your budget. This means that if your appliances stop working, you will be paying quite a huge sum of money to get it repaired. Many companies increase their premiums over time. However here at Global Home Protection once you sign up you are locked in for the rate . Rates never increase on you as a valued customer.

Global Home Protection Has The Best Plan For You

Global Home Protection is here to help your family in your time of need. We offer plans that can be customized to fit the needs of your property and your budget. To get started with our most comprehensive plan sign up and call us today and receive an additional $150 off and also receive 1 month of service free. Call 877-660-1621 to receive a free quote !