• Howard Gallagher

Hard Water Guide

Hard water is mineral rich water. Typically hard water consists of dissolved calcium and magnesium. This tends to leave spots on your fixtures and damage your pipes. When hard water is heated, a certain amount of water evaporates. The minerals left over can appear inside your pipes,water heater ,dishwasher and washing machine. This can be the root cause for breakdowns in your appliances and home systems. Copper ,PVC and PEX pipes are the most resistant to hard water clogging . However all pipes can be clogged by hard water. Hard water can cause your unit to use more soap. Tests from the Scientific Service of New York found that homes with soft water get better stain remover with 50% less laundry detergent. Hard Minerals can form deposits on dishes, kettles, showerheads and faucets.

Hard Water Prevention

You can prevent hard water damage to your home. There is two options for prevention. A water softener or a reverse osmosis water treatment. A water softener is a unit in your home that removes hard minerals from your plumbing system. The reverse osmosis water treatment pushes impurities from your water through a semipermeable membrane. This is the mechanism in many water filters to achieve efficient water purification .