• Howard Gallagher

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Updated: 6 days ago

Your garage is where you store certain items outside of your home. Some people store their gym equipment while others just store their cars. Much like any other area in your home it requires a certain level of upkeep. Simple Garage Door Maintenance can keep your garage working for years to come.

Door Safety Tests

Simple Door Safety tests can be done every month. Observe any unusual sights and sounds . Check the door balance to make sure the springs are working properly. Two areas to look at for a potential garage door are the photo eye sensor and the rollers. The photo eye sensor is a small device that stops a closing garage door if there is movement detected in the path of the door. Use a large object to test the sensors. The rollers should be inspected once a year. If you notice your rollers are damaged then it is time to replace them.

Preventative Maintenance for Garage Doors

Check the garage door opener . You should unplug the garage opener before any maintenance is initiated. There should be a battery backup if the unit has a battery. Check out the roller tracks, the garage door and the bolts. It is possible for the garage door to become loose over time due to wear and tear.Lubricate the chain or screw. Use a garage door lubricant. Your opener will use either a chain (like on a bicycle) or a long screw. If it is a screw-type, check your owner’s manual first, as some do not need lubrication. The cables need to be inspected to prevent fraying or other damage. Depending on which season of the year, you should consider replacing the weatherstripping.

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