• Howard Gallagher

Emergency Preparedness For Homeowners

Updated: May 27


This time of year is known for pleasant weather and festivities . However a slew of emergencies can happen. Hurricanes, tornadoes,floods, droughts, sweltering heat, wildfires to name a few . Preparation can help your home weather any disaster.No one wants to experience emergencies. As a homeowner you want to prepare your family and your home for everything. 

What is an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

An emergency preparedness plan is exactly what it sounds like: a plan to prepare for emergencies.  It is a plan to take once disaster strikes .  

House fires

Most house fires are preventable.  Cooking fires or circuit breaker malfunctions can lead to house fires. Here are a few tips to combat house fires. Remove dead or dying trees from your yard.Keep firewood and storage tanks at least 50 feet away from the house, and keep the immediate area around them (at least ten feet) clear of fire hazards.

Scorching Heat

Weather over 90 F is only great when compared to freezing cold temperatures.Black rooftops absorb more heat than their lighter colored counterparts.If it’s in your budget or you’re building a new home, install a light-colored cool roof.   In event of extreme heat , make sure your HVAC System is working efficiently.


Hurricane Season lasts from June to November. Hurricanes cause major property damage due to winds and flooding. Prepare for Hurricane Season with an emergency kit.Have an emergency kit and supplies handy in case of injuries, power outages, and other disastrous situations.Ensure all windows are secured with storm shutters if you live in a hurricane-prone area, and that flashlights are in easy reach.

Flooded Basement

Floods can be devastating. They  expose your home to mold and water damage. Floods can happen at any time.  Storms and heavy rainfall causes flooding. Inspect the lowest levels of your home . Seal any holes in your basement to prevent flooding.

In Event Of A Major Disaster

After a major disaster you want to contact your home insurance.  They will cover structural damage. However if your microwave won’t turn on or Air Conditioner is blowing hot air ,they won’t cover. You want home warranty coverage which covers your appliances and home systems . With plans as low as $1 a day ,Global Home Protection has you covered in event of a breakdown.Call 877-660-1621 to sign up today .