• Howard Gallagher

Electrical System Maintenance

Your lights, your appliances and your home systems run on electricity. Electrical system repairs/replacements are things that a homeowner is expected to take care of. Electrical System Repairs are not in the realm of DIY Home Projects. They must be diagnosed and completed by a licensed electrician. Here is a few tips to find out if you have an electrical issue.

Basics of Electrical Maintenance

There are a lot of things can cause electrical issues. It may be wiring, malfunctioning appliances, and circuit breakers. Light flickering can be a telltale sign. If you notice burning rubbery odors , discolored outlets ,electrical discharges, and warm appliances then you may be at risk for an electrical fire. Most electrical fires are caused by faulty outlets or old appliances. One reason is that old appliances aren’t energy efficient. Safety is the most important thing. Performing electrical maintenance can be dangerous. A licensed electrician should handle most electrical maintenance jobs in your home to ensure your safety. You can still do routine maintenance such as locating worn out appliances, wires and cords. Test outlets with a receptacle tester to ensure they are working properly. Inspect the breaker box panel for burnt areas.

Electrical System Coverage

Some homeowners don’t know what is and isn’t covered with their home warranty plan. Here at Global Home Protection we offer comprehensive electrical system coverage. Outlets, Switches, Exhaust fans, Wiring, Panels and much more. Your next covered electrical repair or replacement can be as easy as calling our claims department line.