• Howard Gallagher

Common Washing Machine Issues

Updated: May 15

Imagine you have a load in the wash and once the cycle is done the water didn’t drain. This is a reality when you are experiencing problems with your washing machine. A lot of common washing machine issues can be avoided with the proper maintenance. Here are 7 common washing machine issues you may face.

Washing Machine Doesn’t Clean Clothes

You can run a load and notice there is still dirt on your clothes. A simple solution is avoid overloading your unit and separate pet related items from regular clothes.

Washing Machine Won’t Start

A washing machine not turning on can be a power issue. Check the power cord to see if the unit is plugged in. Check your circuit breaker to see if the outlet is working. Make sure the door switch or the door lock isn’t broken. If both areas are checked then you would need to call a professional appliance contractor to see if any internal circuitry is damaged.

Washing Machine Leaks

If you notice your unit leaking first see if the drain hose is clogged. Leaks may also come from the door seal. Check the door seal . If there is too much residue around the door seal then the unit won’t seal properly. Check faucets to see if they are not leaking. To prevent this put an appropriate amount of detergent and clean the basin once a month.

Washing Machine Won’t Drain

Debris can be stuck in the hose or the pump itself. This is characterized by a burning plastic smell. Drain Pumps are an integral part to washing machines . A licensed appliance contractor can check the origin of the draining problem and prevent any further damage. The drain pump may be clogged with debris. Excess water remove with a wet vac or a bucket. A professional should then unplug the machine. Remove the screws from the front panel. Proceed to tilt the machine and look at the pump.

Washing Machine Makes Weird Noises

Noise happens during the agitation or spin cycle. Tub bearings may be worn out. If you hear a squeaking sound then the bearings may need lubrication. 2 areas that may also make noise are washing machine motor belt and the pulley.

Washing Machine Can’t Complete A Cycle The unit timer can cause malfunctions in the unit. Check the Control Panel. Also check the drainage to see if anything is clogged. To prevent this make your unit is properly maintained.

A Strong Odor Is Coming From Washing Machine

Your clothes are supposed to smell fresh and clean. A strong odor from your washing machine can be the sign of a big problem. The basin of the washing machine is the perfect environment for mold growth. This can spread to your clothes and negatively impact your health. It is important to clean your washing machine every month. Wipe down the door and drum with water and vinegar. Clean out the fabric softener dispenser. Excess detergent can leave excess residue in your unit. Also your drain pump filter should be cleaned once a month.

Washing Machine Is Vibrating

If you notice your washing machine vibrates it can be a few reasons. Unbalanced laundry or Washing machine not level . Rearrange the load of laundry and make sure the washer feet are in contact with the floor. It is also important to transfer the clothes as soon as possible to the dryer. So wet clothes don’t weigh down the inner components. Save money with the Major Appliance Plan . Call 877-660-1621 to get a free quote