• Howard Gallagher

Common Refrigerator Issues

Updated: Mar 12

Your refrigerator is an important appliance in your home. It preserves all your fresh foods. Any damage or issue with your refrigerator can be solved with quick solutions or with an appliance technician.Here are the most common refrigerator issues that you are likely to face.

Refrigerator section is too cold

If you notice a layer of ice on your cabbage then there is an issue with your thermostat. The thermostat works in conjunction with the compressor and evaporator fan motor to control temperature in the unit. Test your thermostat to see if it is not working. If the thermostat is not working replace the thermostat.

Refrigerator is too warm

If your refrigerator is warmer than normal then you may be experiencing an air flow issue. The evaporator fan in the freezer flows cold air throughout your unit. The diffuser controls this aspect. When the diffuser is clogged cold air doesn’t flow and that’ s why your refrigerator feels warmer than usual.

Water pools underneath the refrigerator

When you see water on the floor you may assume it is a pipe leaking. Often times this may come from an appliance like your refrigerator. Water on floor poses a safety hazard to your family. A blocked defrost drain may be the cause of this issue. It is located on the back of the freezer. Debris may be stuck in the drain hose. This causes water to leak from the fridge. A quick solution is draining the hole with warm water and use a pipe cleaner. A clogged water supply can cause water to pool in your unit. Unplug your refrigerator and make sure the shutoff value is closed. If the water supply line is damaged then you need to replace it.

Fridge is not running

If the Refrigerator’s light is not turning on it can be a simple fix. Check your power source make sure the outlet is running or the cord is not damaged. Make sure the cold control is set. If you still have issues then an appliance contractor would be needed to fix the problem.

Refrigerator is running more than normal or too noisy

Constant noise can increase your energy bill at end of the month. What causes the fridge to cycle can be the temperature of the unit being set too low. The temperature of your refrigerator should be 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Check your thermostat to see if it is running at the base temperature.

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