• Howard Gallagher

Common Ceiling Fan Issues

Ceiling fans help circulate air in your home. Ceiling fans work in tandem with your HVAC System to achieve to keep your home cool. Over time they can break down from normal wear and tear. Here are three common issues you might experience and the steps you can take to solve them. Flickering light

Ceiling fans with light fixtures can have flickering lights. It may be a simple issue of the bulb needing to be replaced. Sometimes a flickering bulb in your ceiling fan could mean a loose connection with either the bulb or the fixture. Check your breaker box to see if it is an electrical issue. Get in touch with an electrical contractor to help you fix this issue.

Unbalanced Ceiling Fan

Wobbly ceiling fans can be a hazard to your family. They can fall at any time. This may be an installation issue or damaged blades. Another factor could be a bent or loose connection. Look at the manufacturer’s instructions for balancing. Tighten everything up. The key factor that causes a unbalanced ceiling fan is the connection. Look at the screws and brackets to ensure everything is securely mounted.

Loud Noise

While it is normal for your fan to make some noise when operating. Significant noise can be a big issue. A main culprit can be a loose connection. Another factor could be your fan’s ball bearings. They need to be cleaned and lubricated to ensure there is no resistance or friction. A loud grinding noise is a result of ball bearings in need of proper maintenance.