• Howard Gallagher

Buying Your Home In Winter ? 3 Reasons To Buy Your Home During Winter

Updated: Apr 28

Winter is the time of holiday shopping, feasts and snow sledding . Winter can be an important time for a home buyer. Real estate is influenced by local conditions. For example there may be a national slowdown but a fortune 500 company moved in locally. As a result hundreds of people are looking for homes, Private school enrollment increased, and an once small town has become a large suburb. On average home sales slow during the winter but depending on the local market there isn't much difference compared to summer.

Why buy in the winter?

Winter is a tough season on homes. You often likely see the home in the worse conditions possible. If the home is properly maintained then the home should have no problems.

People who visit homes during winter tend to be serious buyers not just lookers.

There is a lot less competition during the winter than in the spring time.

Sellers are more likely to negotiate a price in winter than any other time of the year.

Deals Galore

In the dead of winter, many of the residential buildings and houses that are on the market. Banks will dump properties at deep discounts in December. If you are willing to close quickly you can snag a deal.

A Rehabber's Dream

There may also be buildings in need of repair that could sell quickly and for cheap, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to repair. It is a great time to be a buyer. Investors benefit from buying underpriced homes. Winter home inspections show homes at their worst.

Buyer's Market

With the holidays having just passed, the new year started and tax season is in full swing. People who file their taxes early tend to received their refund early. This creates a buyer's market for real estate in February.

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