• Howard Gallagher

Best Gifts For New Homeowners

Updated: Apr 28

Christmas is less than a week away. Last time shopping is at an all time high. This holiday season there are a lot of electronics, streaming services and games to keep the kids happy. What about new homeowners. Here is a few gift ideas for new home owners.

Handheld knife sharpener

Knives are integral tools for cooking. More often you don’t need to replace your knives you just need to sharpen them. A handheld knife sharpener such as Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro Knife Sharpener can revitalize your knives. You can get it on Amazon for $38.87.


This recent beauty trend has been used by spas and gyms all over the world. They can moisturize the skin and relieve tension in the body. The aromas are so brilliant and they bubble and dissolve very nicely. The bath bombs have a nice softening oil that colors the bath water and leaves you feeling young and beautiful.We would recommend these to anyone that is looking for that affordable gift. The bath bombs color the water but will not stain the tub.They cost anywhere from 10 dollars to 20 dollars for a gift set of 8.

Instant Pot

This kitchen gadget Duo Plus combines 9 different appliances that streamlines cooking. This means saucemaking, baking,sautéing,steaming,warming,sterilizing and much more. It is more than your average slow cooker. It is available on Amazon for $85.

Cold Brew Maker

Cold Brew Coffee and a newspaper is a part of many people’s morning routine. Cold Brew Coffee isn’t simply iced coffee. It is coffee that is brewed using cold water opposed to boiling water. This changes the flavor of the coffee. The resulting coffee is sweeter than normal coffee. However the $5-$10 cups a day for 5 days a week adds up quickly. That’s $1300 to $2600 a year money that could be used for a family vacation for 6 or retirement. Save money with a cold brew maker. Less than 20 dollars and you can brew coffee for years.

Air Fryer

Fried Food isn’t the most healthy food. However air frying is frying without oil which is a healthy alternative to frying. The Philips Kitchen Avance Digital Turbostar Airfryer uses 75% less oil than conventional frying. This is complete with 5 presets and a warm function. Typically it is sold between 149.99 - 199.99 range.

Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Grillmasters will love this gift. Cooking meat on a grill or open fire is an unique experience. However high flames don’t always mean the meat is fully cooked. The internal temperature needs to be over 161F to be edible. This wireless thermometer tracks the internal temperature of the meat and alerts you when the meat is fully cooked. More time entertaining your guests than watching your food cook. Only $69.00 plus shipping.

The American Red Cross Blackout Buddy

Blackout and Natural Disasters can happen. Emergency Preparedness can save lives. The American Red Cross has created a device that is an emergency LED flashlight. This can be bought on Amazon for $15.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The breakout star of 2019 in home security is the ring door bell. It records all visitors to your door and sends your phone alerts whenever someone arrives. There is an option to keep all video and audio recording on their secure server. Best of all it integrates perfectly with your Amazon Alexa. Only for under $100.

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