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Are Home Warranties Worth it

Who Pays for a Home Warranty

Realtors and For Sale By Owner

When you get a home warranty service agreement as a seller you give your buyers the additional confidence they need when closing a home.

Sellers who have home warranty coverage have the added benefit of selling their homes for up to $2,500 dollars more than the market price. Not only can you receive more in your asking price but as a seller, the home you place on the market can sell up to 16% faster than other homes.

There is much less buyer friction for your potential buyer when they know that the major appliances in the home they are ready to buy are covered.

Could you imagine buying a pre-existing home only for the boiler to break down during the harsh winter months?

That would deter any would-be home buyer from purchasing a home they had their sights set on.

No matter how well you maintain your home there’s always a perceived potential risk in the minds of your buyers.

Making sure that you address those concerns as early on in the transaction as possible can free you up from the lengthy time it takes for your home to finally be bought off of the market.

For a seller adding home warranty coverage onto your property can be a valuable marketing asset.

As an added benefit for a seller who has purchased a home warranty policy is the prevention of post-sale disputes.

The average service agreement for a real estate transaction can cover the buyer’s first year, ensuring that if anything were to go wrong within the first year the seller is not held responsible for any repair costs or replacement of major appliances/systems.

Home Builders

Building a home is no easy task. Meticulous planning and detail go into the making of every home. As a home builder coordinating between various subcontractors and technicians means being able to get as economically as possible.

It is no secret that technology acts and something can/will go wrong when you least expect it.

After a home has been built there is no guarantee that all the major systems within the home will withstand whatever happens between the time of the home's creation to the time it is bought.

For contractors and other home builders in some states, it is required by law that the home in development has a home warranty covering it.

There are plenty of things that could happen during this waiting period. Possible mold build-up or a refrigeration system causes mildew because of some unforeseen circumstance.

Of course, not every instance is covered under the home warranty policy, however, there is a great deal that can be done with the help of a home warranty company.

Being able to get repairs and replacements on short notice without breaking the bank is a great safety net to have for large scale projects.

The Federal Housing Authority and the Department of Veterans Affairs stipulate that builders are required to purchase a third-party warranty as a way to protect buyers of newly built homes.

Landlords and Property Management Company

Protecting your property and responding to customer inquiries as a landlord is your top priority. Property maintenance get’s expensive and protecting your budget is just as important.

Have you thought about ways to capitalize on your investment even further?

A home warranty for rental properties is a definite way to protect your assets while getting the most out of your rental property.

Most plans can be customized and adjusted to best suit your needs. From HVAC to dishwashers and much more, a home warranty prevents you from having to pay the full price on repairs or replacements.

There are no extra fees for being the landlord of a property. If you are considering getting a home warranty Global Home Protection provides you with flexible plans whether you have a duplex, triplex, or multiple units.

Logistically, a few key things to take into consideration would be the age of the property you are considering to put under a home warranty. Pre-existing conditions in older homes are common, make sure that the condition of the items in your home is not beyond repair.

As a landlord taking on the responsibility and risk of property management issues can be stressful. When there are damages and your tenant puts in a maintenance request it can be difficult to get an affordable licensed professional you can trust on short notice.

Coordinating contact between the contractor and your tenant shouldn’t be a nightmare. However, considering how you go about whether or not your tenant will have been the point of contact for the process is a detail you can work out with your home warranty company.

At Global Home Protection we coordinate and dispatch licensed contractors the same day. Imagine providing your tenants with that level of service.

Being able to service your tenants efficiently and swiftly saves you from a lot of unwanted hassle.

If having the adornment of your tenants doesn’t warm your heart what else could?

How about knowing that the annual premium and service fees that you pay are considered tax-deductible?

That’s a nice bonus!

For every service paid for each time, the boiler needs to be fixed because the family in 3A keeps the water running to feed their indoor terrarium of tropical plants that comes back in the form of a deductible.


Now there are obviously limits to what a home warranty company can do but it is without a shadow of a doubt that you will have your needs met as promised.

Here at Global Home Protection, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible service available.


If you are a home buyer getting a home that already has a home warranty on it can be an advantage.

With a home warranty you can rest assured that knowing if your home systems or appliances break down or malfunction after closing, you are covered.

Avoiding the back and forth between the seller and the buyer is a problem no one wants to deal with, this places the responsibility on the home warranty company. Any issues that may arise are now handled by professionals with the resources to meet your needs.

Whether the home is new or pre-existing, having a home warranty on the property can save your budget from costly appliance defects and system repairs costs.

More often than not sellers will provide the home warranty for a buyer during the first year upon closing. This is dependent on how long the home has sat on the market with the warranty, however, more often than not the first year has been covered by the seller.

With a Global Home Protection home warranty, there is no wait when it comes to getting a contractor on site. Most companies will take 2-3 days and in some cases weeks to get a technician out for simple repairs.

Our network of professionally trained and licensed contractors can be on site the same day that you put in a claim to our 24/7 claims department.

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

Ultimately, the deciding factor on whether or not a home warranty is worth the purchase is up to you.

Every circumstance is different and Global Home Protection is here to help you meet your home’s system repairs.

Always go over the terms and conditions laid out in your home warranty policy and make sure they are the right fit for you.

In most cases, it’s always better to be prepared than to get caught during a time you needed the assistance the most.

The flexibility in our service agreements can have an impact on your overall budget by covering the bulk of your repairs and replacement costs.

With no contract, our customers are free to use our services as they see fit. After having serviced so many of our customers we can guarantee coverage that keeps our customers highly satisfied.

If you’re ready for Global Home Protection to help you with better and safer living, then fill out a quote and call us today.

We provide all new customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee and our 24/7 claims department.

Call us today AT 877-660-1621 and get started as low as $1 a day.

Major Systems Plan

Covers The Repair & Replacement Of System Components:


Air Conditioning System

Heating System

Electrical System

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing Stoppage

Water Heater

Major Appliance Plan

Covers The Repair & Replacement Of Major Components Of Household System & Major System


Kitchen Refrigerator




Built-In Microwave

Clothes Washer

Clothes Dryer​​​​

Garbage Disposal

Diamond Plan

Covers The Repair & Replacement Of Major Components Of Household System & Major System


Air Conditioning System

Heating System

Electrical System

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing Stoppage

Water Heater

Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Refrigerator




Built-In Microwave

Clothes Washer

Clothes Dryer

Ceiling Fan

Exhaust Fan

Garage Door Opener

Whirlpool Bathtub