• Howard Gallagher

6 Hidden Culprits That Contribute To Plumbing Issues In Your Home

As a homeowner you have the responsibility of maintaining your home. You may do everything right but issues can still arise due to small things you haven’t noticed. Here are 6 hidden culprits that can cause plumbing issues all over your home.

Plant Matter

Vegetable leftovers like corn husks, potato skins, celery, asparagus and etc can’t be eliminated in the garbage disposal. What will happen is the motor will be damaged and a back up will occur. You can avoid clogging the kitchen drain by only using the garbage disposal for small debris and leave everything else in the trash.

Pet litter

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t dump pet litter in the toilet. The mineral content in the litter acts as sponge. If it goes down your drain then it will clump up and create a clog.

Paper Products

Any paper besides toilet paper has no place in your toilet. Even excess toilet paper can cause your unit to clog up. The solution to this is to simply stop trying to flush these heavier paper products down the drain. In the past years the popularity of flushable wipes has increased. Despite their name and packaging flushable wipes aren’t flushable and can cause an expensive plumbing bill down the line.


Cooking oils and grease can wreck havoc on your drains. Grease makes it easier for your drains to clog up with debris. Anytime you cook with grease dispose of it in a container never down the drain.


Water is the most powerful force on the planet. One drop of water over time can put a dent in a canyon or a mountain. Whenever moisture builds up in your home mild grows, paint starts to bubble and drywall starts to decay. Moisture buildup can be caused by low water pressure. Low water pressure is a symptom of major drainage problems such as corroded drains, sewer clogs, cracked and blocked sewer channels, and concealed leakages in the home. Stop moisture at its tracks with both a dehumidifier and a leak detection system in your home. Keep indoor humidity below 60 percent . Running a fan also encourages circulation. Replace your air filters regularly and check to see that the grading near the foundation of your home is keeping water away.


Trees are important for the environment. They keep streets cool in the summer and give life sustaining oxygen. Tree roots can grow into the basement and foundation of your home. This can damage your plumbing and septic systems. Evaluate the trees surrounding your home. Consider hiring a tree service for their expertise and what they recommend to protect your home.

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