• Howard Gallagher

5 Ways Home Warranty Can Help You Save More Money

A major cornerstone of our decision-making process is your budget. Your budget determines how much money you’re willing to spend on necessities and luxuries. For homeowners making sure that they stick to their budget helps them manage for future expenses.

Sometimes life comes at you fast and more often than not the majority of the impact is felt in your wallet.

If it isn’t one thing it’s another.

The water heater is broken. The A/C is on the fritz. Fridge won’t stop running. And the faulty wiring in your home keeps you from being able to have multiple things running at once.

Now, the fact of the matter remains that any given time damage can be done to your home and you will be the one left to foot the bill.

Given enough time anyone with strong budgeting capabilities can save up enough money to deal with the upfront costs needed for repairs or replacements. However, after having saved for so long the last thing you’d like to spend it on are unexpected expenses.

If you’ve planned a recent purchase or had your hopes set on a dream vacation somewhere, those plans are put on hold until you’ve fixed any major issues with your home’s systems and appliances.

Ultimately, a budget is a preventative measure in the event you need access to a readily available cash source.

Why not strengthen your budget by reenforcing it with additional finance options? Adding a home warranty plan to your home can save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

A home warranty plan is an agreement between a homeowner and the home warranty provider. Typically, a home warranty will cost a few hundred dollars, but you are guaranteed coverage on all repairs and replacements.

One important fact when it comes to a home warranty is that they do not cover pre-existing conditions. Damage done to a system or unit prior to owning a home warranty is not covered by a home warranty.

Most home warranty plans cover all major appliances and systems, but one rule of thumb to go by when choosing a home warranty are the terms and conditions.

Some companies specify what exactly is covered and will outline the limitations in their plans.

There is the option to customize your plan but that is subject to each home warranty company’s policy conditions.

At Global Home Protection our additional coverage plans include roofing, pooling systems, and septic tanks.

Once you know what exactly you’ll be needing your home warranty here are several ways of having a home warranty can help you save more money:

Save On Repair Costs

As soon you notice a damaged system or appliance in your home your initial reaction is to contact a local technician or repairman to come to inspect the issue with your system or appliance.

Upon arrival the technician spends time inspecting your unit only to inform you that the issue you’re looking to fix costs hundreds of dollars which you just don’t happen to be lying around at such a time. At the same time, you are charged a service fee simply for the visitation and inspection.

On average service calls range from $50-$150 dollars, a home warranty will require you to pay the service fee, but the service fee is negotiable once you sign up for a home warranty plan.

Plus, with Global Home Protection we can have technicians available and on-site the same day you file a claim with our 24/7 claims department.

Having a home warranty plan with Global Home Protection grants you access to our vast network of licensed and prescreened technicians.

Primarily, homeowners are only responsible for the cost of the service fee which is agreed upon with the home warranty company upon sign up.

A few criteria recommended beforehand is to be sure that the unit you need to be repaired has not been serviced by a third party technician.

Additionally, making sure that the manufacturer’s warranty is no longer valid is crucial since systems and appliances with the manufacturer’s warranty still issued are ineligible for coverage under a home warranty.

Now, the next logical question is, what if repairing my unit is highly expensive?

Obviously the next step would be to replace the unit.

Save On Replacement

Replacing a new HVAC or refrigeration unit can be highly expensive, on average new units and installation will cost several thousand dollars.

This is where having a home warranty can be a useful asset for your home. Once the cost of repairs is comparable to the cost of a new unit, a home warranty plan has got you covered.

Whether the replacement is for a new HVAC, refrigerator, or water heater all are covered under a home warranty.

Could you imagine going weeks on end without hot water or central heating in your home?

It would be enough to drive anyone up the wall. There’s no need to stress over not having the ability to own a new system or appliance unit to replace an outdated or damaged one.

Most companies take up to 30 days to pay out claims for repairs while we pay our customers within 7 days of filing a claim.

That means quicker replacements and plenty of more happy customers.

Save On Energy Bills

Staying up to date with the conditions of your units regularly ensures they are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Every appliance and system in your home has specific maintenance requirements.

These requirements placed on your items help to ensure you are getting the most out of your appliance and systems.

With everything running smoothly you can rest easy.

A few signs that your appliances or systems need to be repaired or replaced will show up in your energy bills.

HVAC units that have not been serviced regularly are spending more energy trying to work as efficiently. By spending twice the energy to produce the same or even subpar results you are spending more money in the long term.

If the average HVAC unit can last up to 20 years could you imagine if that same HVAC unit hadn’t been inspected for years?

How many years would go by and how much money wasted and the reason is all because no one inspected the unit.

Furthermore, living in a home where your appliances have not been inspected prior to you moving in can be very expensive let alone dangerous.

Keep yourself from paying high energy costs every month by getting a home warranty plan to cover all your major appliances and systems.

No Month-to-Month Contracts

A home warranty plan is an agreement between a homeowner and the home warranty company. This means that there are no long term contracts to pay.

At no point is the customer locked into a contract, at any time during the homeowners' discretion they can deem whether or not the policy continues to serve their needs.

More often than not homeowners will keep their home warranties until they sell their home. Having a home warranty on your property when you are selling your home can actually help you sell your home up to 60% faster than those that do not have a home warranty.

Not only are these homes sold faster than most other homes but the seller receives $2,500 more as well.

Additionally, in order to ensure our customers of good faith, we guarantee each and every customer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.


Most home warranty plans are affordable. Ranging from only a couple hundred dollars your home warranty plan can start as low as $1 a day.

The cost of peace of mind, however, is priceless

To get started with our most comprehensive sign up and call us today and receive an additional $150 off and also receive 1 month of service free.