• Howard Gallagher

5 Repairs That Can Be Covered With A Home Warranty

You need every dollar to work for you . A major part of maintaining a home is your budget. Your budget determines how much money you’re willing to spend on necessities and luxuries. As a homeowner you should make sure you can stick to a budget to help manage future expenses. Life can throw obstacles at you very quickly. Now, the fact of the matter remains that any given time damage can be done to your home and you will be the one left to foot the bill. This is why you want to stretch your budget and protect your home at the same time. A home warranty plan can offset the expenses involved with appliance and system repair. A home warranty plan is an agreement between a homeowner and the home warranty issuer. Typically, a home warranty will cost a few hundred dollars, but you will have guaranteed coverage on all repairs and replacements. At Global Home Protection we have additional coverage plans that include roofing, pooling systems, septic systems and much more. Here are a few repairs that can covered with a home warranty .


Your HVAC System is responsible for both heating and cooling your home. HVAC System repairs and replacements are more costly than any home system There is several repairs that a home warranty plan can take care of. A capacitor issue can make your unit over heat and burn out. As a home owner you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $400 for this repair. With a home warranty plan all you pay is your service call fee. Depending on where you live, HVAC repairs may be a common occurrence and will require several HVAC technician trips a year. Imagine paying just $60 dollars for repairs thatmay normally cost you $2000- $3000 dollars.


Water can seep into your home from your roof. Roof leak can happen when you least expect it. Many home insurance plans don’t cover this. Depending on what type of roof you have , you may pay anywhere from $450 to $1000 to repair your roof . Roof coverage is typically an add on that can be added to any plan . A home warranty can cover a roof leak and send a licensed and bonded technician over to repair it.

Lawn Sprinkler

Your irrigation system is vital for proper lawn care. A beautiful yard not only makes your home look more beautiful but it can increase the value of your home. Common issues you may face are low water pressure or sprinkler heads not working. In event of a breakdown you want your lawn sprinkler covered. Lawn sprinkler coverage is an add on that can be added to any plan.

Electrical System

We live in a connected world. Electricity powers a lot of the devices that keep us in touch with our loved ones. Homeowners who have a home warranty pay a service call fee for repairs and replacements of the wiring, panels, plugs, switches, fuses junction boxes, circuit breakers and other electrical components. Average cost for electrician to fix your circuit breaker or install an attic fan can cost $500-$550. Common Electrical Issues such as failed electrical outlets and sparks from electrical components are covered.


Your home’s plumbing system provides hot and cold water for bathtubs, showers, toilets, washers, etc and then drains it away. The most common plumbing problems are clogged sinks , dripping faucets, clogged toilets and running toilet. The average cost for plumbing system repairs is $250 to $450. Plumbing System Coverage includes Pipe Leaks, Faulty Water Heater, Garbage Disposal and Clogged Shower Drain.