• Howard Gallagher

5 Reasons Why Your Home Should Use Smart Home Technology

Updated: Feb 20

It is 2020 the idea of a smart home is no longer science fiction like it was decades ago.

You don’t need to be tech savvy or wealthy as a Rockefeller to have a smart home. A

smart home simply means your home systems and your internet are connected in a

way you can operate everything from a remote or voice command. Only 12.5 percent of

all homes are considered smart. That percentage will only go up in the coming years.

1. Home Automation

Everyone has heard of Google Home and Amazon Alexa. As more technology is created

the price of these products will go down. It will get easier to install and operate. Some

of these products are the smart thermostat and smart appliances. Every year, On

average homeowners spend $3500 per person on energy that goes to waste. Studies

have already shown that using a smart thermostat can shave as much as 30 percent off

of energy bills.You may heard the nest smart thermostat. It can save you money on

heating and cooling costs. You can set your home’s temperature far away . Smart

Appliances such as washers,dryers, and dishwashers are more energy efficient than

conventional appliances. You save hundreds on your energy bill by switching to smart

appliances. Samsung has developed a refrigerator that tracks products,recipes and

expiration dates. It also has a screen that monitors everything at the front door or

shows recipe videos while you cook. Maintenance of your home still isn't 100%

automated but home automation makes life easier.

2. Smart Homes Will Influence Home Sales

Home Buyers love smart features as they offer convenience and energy efficiency. The

appeal of smart homes is service.Smart technology is also likely to change the home

selling process . Whether it is retargeting or beacons realtors are using technology to

reach more qualified homeowners.

3. Smart Furniture

Smart Home Developments will also affect interior design and home décor. Ikea is

developing lamps that wirelessly charge your devices. The sleep number smart bed has

a few features that adjust according to your sleep such as a notification when a child is

sick or out of bed.

4.Smart Lighting

Lighting makes up 10% of your lighting bill. Motion activated lights are nothing new but

saves money and can be a crime deterrent if used for outdoor lighting. Smart led lights

allow you to control your lighting remotely.

5.Smart Plugs

Every room in your house has power outlets. Smart plugs are a step above conventional

power outlets. They can be controlled and monitored remotely. It will take some work by

an electrician to replace existing outlets. A more affordable option is using smart plugs

in your existing outlets. Some plugs come with dimmers while others you can schedule

usage. This is especially useful when there is someone in the home with Alzheimers. You

don’t have to drive over to see if the Iron,TV or AC is on when you can turn everything

off in the mobile app. The TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring is one of the

best smart plugs on the market.It’s Alexa integration and remote control feature comes

in handy. Plus its price of $39.99 makes it affordable for any budget. Only drawback is

that not anything can be plugged into a smart plug. A hair dryer or a blender won’t be

able to function.

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