• Howard Gallagher

4 Signs Your Appliance May Need Repair

Appliances make life easier. You have extra free time due to the use of appliances. It is hard to imagine life without a refrigerator, dishwasher or clothes washer. When appliances break down that creates a huge inconvenience for homeowners. Here are 4 tell tale signs that you have an issue with your appliances .

Your Appliance is Making Strange Noises

Some appliances naturally make noise. Especially when in use. Unusual noises can stem from parts burning out. If the refrigerator compressor is constantly running or the washing machine makes rustling sounds then you may have issues with your unit.

Appliance Specific Signs

There are certain instances that you notice dryer leaving wet clothes or your refrigerator is unusually warm then you have an issue on your hands. These malfunctions can build up over time. Preventative maintenance can stop these issues down the road . These maintenance tasks are cleaning the lint trap in the dryer, cleaning the refrigerator coils , cleaning the dishwasher filter and much more .

Your Utility Bills Are High

Most homeowners can accurately predict how much they will pay for electricity every month. If there is a noticeable increase it may stem from your appliances or your HVAC system. Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers and Refrigerators are notorious for their energy expenditure.

Your Appliance Is Slower Than Normal

As your appliances get older. They become less and less efficient. If you’ve had your appliances for a few months, you can probably predict how long everyday tasks take.

Appliance Deals

In some cases it makes more sense to replace your unit then repair it. This time of year is advantageous to those who want new appliances. July 4th is not just time for BBQs and Fireworks. It is the time to get great deals on appliances. Shopping on this holiday is sure to get you more bang for your buck. Retailers host huge sales for the Fourth of July, some that even last a little while after the holiday. Stores are already launching huge sales in honor of the 4th of July. Even in parts of the country where in person shopping is not available, Delivery and Curbside Pickup is available. Best Buy is offering up to 40% off as a part of their annual 4th of July Sale. Those who purchase over $1000 receive a free $100 best buy gift card. Appliances , grills and electronics are all on sale. Lowe’s sale last from now until July 8th with 40% off major appliances.

Appliance Coverage

Here at Global Home Protection we offer comprehensive coverage for home appliances. We have a 24/7 claims department to dispatch a contractor for same day service. Our July 4th Promotion is underway. Sign Up to Get $200 Off any plan and 1 month free. Call 877-660-1621 to get your free quote!