• Howard Gallagher

3 Reasons You Should Choose A Home Warranty Over Hiring A Contractor

As a homeowner you want to protect your home and make sure every dollar goes to improving your home. Large home repairs can be stressful for homeowners. Life becomes easier with coverage. Even if you have a newer home you need some coverage in case a part of your home after construction breaks down. Picture one of your appliances or home systems break down. You would either hire a contractor to fix the issue or have your home warranty company take care of it. A Home warranty plan can save you time ,energy, and money in the long run. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose a home warranty plan over hiring a contractor.

Budget Protection Don’t be stuck paying out of your pocket for expensive repairs. A home warranty plan allows management of expenses. With global home protection there is no unexpected fees just one service call fee for repair or replacement of covered items. Time Management Time is precious and a home warranty can save you valuable time. Home system and appliance breakdowns always seem to happen suddenly. You end up calling multiple contractors to schedule an appointment. A trustworthy licensed contractor can be hard to find. We have a nationwide network of contractors. Our 24/7 Claims Department can send you a contractor same day or the following day. Peace of Mind You want to know whoever comes to your home is a skilled professional. A home warranty plan can give you quality service. If you check online, you will notice Global Home Protection has 4 and 5 star Best Company and Google reviews. We are here to serve you and communicate with you during the claims process.

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