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Experienced real estate brokers and agents know that a home warranty for an active listing can give your buyer the peace of mind, and give you an edge over the competition.


Buyers of pre-owned homes are afraid that they are uncertain if there are any hidden damages/failures that can only be found when using the systems/appliances in the near future. Everything may look all right for now, but let’s face it, breakdowns occur when you least expect it

We value our partnership with the real estate community and, more importantly, value your opinion. Real estate professionals provide us with major insights to innovative solutions for the problems homebuyers are facing.

One of the best ways to protect your client’s best interest is by providing a home warranty as part of your real estate transaction.  A study by the Service Industry Council found that properties that come with a home warranty typically sell for $2,300 more and 11 days faster than homes without a warranty

GHP provides residential service contracts offering repair and replacement coverage for home systems and appliances. A home warranty allows sellers, buyers and agents to have protection from expensive repairs related to breakdowns.

Real estate professionals know that selling a previously owned home can leave the buyer with mechanical system breakdowns and expensive appliance repairs. Since most real estate agents work on referrals from previous clients, they want to do everything they can to ensure the new buyers are happy with their purchase. Adding a home warranty is a great way to give the new buyers peace of mind. The buyers will know they are covered in the event of a serious breakdown or failure in the home, allowing them to have it repaired or replaced promptly without an expensive bill to pay.

Four Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Need Home Warranties

  1. Sell a property faster

  2. Protect sellers with older home systems and appliances

  3. Provide peace of mind to new home buyers

  4. Receive referral sales from happy clients

GHP can be the difference that helps to close your deal. Let our team help you select home warranty plans that will protect your clients and your reputation by making sure each home is protected.

What Can You Do To Avoid Any “After-Sale” Disputes?

Selling your home with the Global Home Protection can alleviate any future quarrels and reduce any unwanted disputes between buyers and sellers. 


Seller Benefits Includes:

  • You can avoid tough price negotiation with a prospective buyer.

  • It will help your buyer's confidence knowing any issues can be covered under the home warranty.

  • Avoid after-sale disputes with the buyer.


Buyer Benefit Includes:

  • Affordable plans.

  • Get more confidence when purchasing your home.

  • Save money and avoid stress on out of the pocket expense.

  • Any covered claim gets repaired or replaced. It’s that simple.

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